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Company radar – Quick and reliable data on companies
Are you planning to change your job? Are you about to use a business opportunity or planning online shopping? Thanks to the application developed by NISZ Zrt. called “Cégradar” (Company Radar) you can find all relevant information helping you to make your decision
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The source of the application was provided by mass amount of public data. When creating this application the aim of the NISZ Zrt was to provide quick structured information. The application can be downloaded for IOS, Android or Windows platforms. Downloading the application and providing the necessary data are free of charge.

The application structures the information held by the National Tax and Customs Administration, the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection, Public Employment Service National Labor Office, the Hungarian Competition Authority and the data held by the so-called “e-Cégjegyzék”, “Cégközlöny” and other databases. By using the application before entering into a contract you can check the reliability of the company or the potential future employer.