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Do you intend to buy a used vehicle? Before you enter into a sales contract use the Vehicle data disclosure application
It has launched a service using which you can get information on the chosen vehicle. The application instantly provides crucial information on the chosen vehicle. It is available through the Webes Ügysegéd application.
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Quick and reliable data

If you have a Customer Gate registration you can reach the service electronically irrespective of your location or the current time. The application aims to provide quick information to the potential future owner on every data of the vehicle decreasing the risks of entering into a sales contract. The service provides a solution for rolled back milometers and fishy used car hustlers.

In order to be eligible to use the application you need a Customer Gate registration. To use the application click here and choose the “Gépjármű adatlekérdezés” option.

If you need more information or help by using the application call us on 1818.

What kind of reliable data disclosure is possible with the application and what does it cost?

The costs of data disclosure are as follows:

1 or 2 vehicles: HUF 625
3 vehicles: HUF 825
4 vehicles: HUF 1100
5 vehicles: HUF 1375

By using the application you can get cheaper and quicker information compared to acting in person in a document office.

By providing the registration plate number of the vehicle the following data is disclosured:

·        Type of the vehicle

·        Name of manufacturer

·        Primary color of the vehicle and its color code

·        Whether the vehicle is currently registered (whether the vehicle can be used in traffic)

·        Mileage data from the central registry

·        Whether the vehicle is wanted

By choosing the option: “checking data” you can ask for the following to be compared to the data you provide:

·        Year of producing the vehicle

·        Number of the registration certificate

·        Date of the first registration of the vehicle

·        Date of the first registration of the vehicle in Hungary

·        Technical repair information

·        Kurb weight

·        Total weight

·        Number or people to transport

·        Cylinder capacity

·        Performance

·        Number of seats (driver’s included)

·        Number of standing places (where appropriate, for example in the case of buses)

·        Fact of having a particular traffic restriction