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Flexibility in focus, register employment in 19 seconds
You can register simplified employment by using the mobile application as well. To be able to do that you need a Customer Gate registration. By using the application you can register employment without being limited by time or space.
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With a few clicks you can register simplified employment in less than a minute.

Download the application from here.

The application assists user with various convenience functions: you can save the data of the employer and the employees, you can export and import these data if changing devices and you also can send the necessary data to a previously registered e-mail.

What does the mobile application offer to you?

·         time,

·        accuracy

·        safety

·        simplicity

The application was produced to make simplified employment registration easier. The legal consequences of the registrations sent in by the application equal to the ones sent in by form No. 16T1042E of the National Tax and Customs Administration.

Using the application requires Customer Gate access. It is to assure that illegible persons cannot make reports on your behalf.

The application can be downloaded for IOS, Android and Windows platforms free of charge.

Get more information on: and on 185.