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Phone administration
How to book an appointment to a document office? Can I cancel the previously booked appointment? Do you wish to check in which status your document is? What data shall I provide? What can I arrange through phone?
Government office information
Can I apply for a European Health Insurance Card in integrated government offices? Where can I take a look at the contacts of the integrated government offices? Can I file claims for family allowances in integrated government offices? To which integrated government office can I go if the validity of my ID card, passport or driving licence has expired? Can I apply for a title deed in integrated government offices(kormányablak)?
Do you wish to track the status of your document? Can I check whether I have any tax debt? What should I do if the password of my Customer Gate registration has expired? Can I get a notification when my Customer Gate passport is about to expire?
Can you inform me on where and how to arrange a particular case? Can you send the text of a legal act for me?