General information

The main priority of the Governmental Hotline which is available 24/7 is to provide general information regarding public administration. Most frequently we receive calls in connection with the competency, contacts, opening hours of public administration bodies and the phases of the procedures followed by them.

We often experience that official procedures require previous preparation and we have to seek information before contacting various authorities. We often do not have precise information on our rights and obligations and in lack of legal studies it is often difficult to find one’s way throughlegal acts. Our Customer Service seeks to provide professional but plain information on legal acts and on the rights and obligations of the clients.

We provide information in connection with the European Union and provide the official websites where further research in particular topics can be done.

Our responsibility is to record the complaints and reports of citizens and forward those to the competent public administration bodies.

The Governmental Hotline provides information regarding periodically upcoming topics concerning larger groups of citizens such as elections and the higher education admission procedure.