Supporting personal administration

Personal administration is possible in integratedgovernment offices, in the customer servicesof the Capital Government Office, Goverment windows and in thedocument offices of the district offices. Regarding procedures in connection with issuing personal documents thePersonal Customer Service Centre(situated in District XIII Visegrádi utca 110) has a leading role.

How can the Governmental Hotline help you?

Our call centre helps you by providing useful information before visiting an office personally. It helps by finding the competent authority and provides information on the necessary documents. Our colleagues are available 24/7 as regards the following questions:

Which case do I need to choose?– We aim to help choosing the appropriate case as a solution for various situations.
Where should I go? –Considering your address or your current location we are helping to choose which government window, document office, or other office you should visit or contact. We provide their contact information as well.
When can I visit the offices?– We provide information on the opening hours of various offices and if you wish, we book appointments.
What should I have by myself?– We provide information on the necessary documents and forms.
How long is the procedure deadline?– We provide information on the procedural deadlines set by law.
What does it cost?– We inform you on the costs and payments methods in document offices.

Integrated Government Offices = Government Windows

The number of cases which can be arranged in these offices is constantly growing as are the number of the offices. The long term goal is to provide integrated customer services where citizens can act in connection with more than 2300 public administration cases.

The prevailing legal provisions set various types of cases for the integrated government services. Based on this there are some cases where you can arrange your case right away, in other cases the integrated service forwards your claim or application to the competent authority, in other cases the integrated government office solely has information providing roles.

As regards public administration procedures and integrated government offices there were a few major changes in the legal provisions:

  • most of the procedural deadline of the public administration procedures were cut from 21 days to 8 days,
  • the replacement of stolen documents became free
  •  the colleagues of the integrated customer services provide help in various electronic public administration cases for example how to apply for a non-certified or an electronically certified title of the land office

The opening hours of the integrated government customer services are aimed to serve the needs of citizens since the customer services can be visited in the early and in the late evening hours as well.