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Our customer service provides information regarding public administration procedures. You can contact us on our telephone number 1818 or any of our electronic communication channels. More...

Phone administration
We strive to answer any question regarding public administration. Various procedures can be fully arranged through phone without visiting an office in person.
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Personal administration
We provide information in connection with what cases can be arranged in integrated government offices, document offices and district government offices.
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Electronic public administration
We provide help by the registration to the system making you able to electronically communicate with various authorities and by electronically forwarding the filled-in documents.
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News and more
Act by using OkmányApp application
Act by using OkmányApp application
As a result the OkmányApp mobile application was introduced using which we can act more easily in a number of cases in connection with our documents.
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Did you know...

...that we provide information on the status of your documents?

...that we assist you by the registration of single entrepreneurship?

...that you can file your claim for family allowances in integrated government offices?

...that your passport application can be urged for 7 or 3 days procedure?

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Our numbers
Contact us on the following contacts:
From Hungary call
From abroad call
+36 1 550 1858
+36 1 550 1819
+36 30 246 6250
Frequently asked questions
What can I arrange through phone?

You can arrange the following through phone:

Booking appointments to document officesand Goverment windows ( Kormányablak)

Providing information on the status of your documents (ID card, passport, driving licence) by using the document tracking application

You can apply for phone identification (RKTA - Részleges Kódú Telefonos Azonosítás) and ask for Criminal Records Bureau for new job with phone identification as well.

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Our colleges during work
Our colleagues are available 24/7. Annually we receive almost one and a half millions calls.
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Contact us electronically
If you have the necessary equipment you can contact us by VoIP as well.
If you have any questions or remarks you can also contact us in writing.
Contact us in writting
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